Another Ambition: Create amazing quilt patterns for beginners

It’s no secret I am passionate about quilting. A passion passed down from my mother who fell in love with the craft when we lived in America 20 odd years ago. Quilting seems to be more popular in the States than in Australia, but popularity is slowly increasing here.

At 32, I often feel that this hobby/obsession of mine is a little different than the interests of other people my age. While other crafts such as knitting, scrapbooking and dress-making are coming back ‘in vogue’, I’m not so sure that the same thing can be said about quilting…yet (although, please correct me if you think I am wrong about this!).

The point of all this is that I feel I have a duty to inspire more Aussies to take up the craft (or art). I feel this way because I am blessed to have been taught the skills from my mother, and because I already have a platform in place to share knowledge and inspiration – aka this blog, which is starting to attract many visitors. Continue reading

Significant weekend for The Ambitious Quilter

Things finally fell into place with the launch of The Ambitious Quilter Fabric Club this weekend. I was very excited as I bundled up the first of many hand-dyed fabric pieces to send to fellow quilters. To celcbrate the launch, I am offering free fabric to all new members, so check it out.

First mail out for The Ambitious Quilter Fabric Club!

First mail out for The Ambitious Quilter Fabric Club!

I also started another baby quilt Continue reading

Hand-dyed Fabric Club launch

I have been a little excited today. Why, you ask?

I am proud to announce that membership is now open for my new little baby… The Ambitious Quilter Fabric Club.

Yay! (I’m doing a little jig right now)

As you may know, I have been dyeing my own fabric for use in my quilting and getting great results. I will now be offering my hand-dyed fabric to other quilters via a monthly subscription.

I am offering a BONUS for new members to celebrate the launch of The Ambitious Quilter Fabric Club. The BONUS is one free piece of hand-dyed fabric, sent immediately to you.

You can check it all out here, and I hope to be sending fabric out to you TODAY!

Little favour? Would you please share the Fabric Club page through your social media outlets so that your quilting friends can see too? Thanks!

Rach xx

Proud as punch!

Proud as punch!

True Blue mate – quilt theme announced

The theme for the Australasian Quilt Convention 2015 Competition is ‘True Blue’. I have known this for a month or so now but have neglected share the thoughts running through my head so far here on The Ambitious Quilter blog.

In my mind, there are two major directions you can take with this theme: the traditional view of the term relating to the stereotypical ‘Aussie’ (white, hardworking, battler, etc); or a more modern, realistic view of a multicultural Australia, where the definition of ‘true blue’ could be more encompassing.

Maybe I’m looking too deep into this theme.

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘true blue’ as Australian slang to mean: Continue reading

Complex stars made simple

I am going to show you how to make a quilt that will amaze all your friends and family, but is actually much more simple than it looks. When I first came across this quilt block on youtube I was gobsmacked that I did not know this. (Well, perhaps all quilters do know this block but somehow I missed the boat! Well, I’ll share with you anyway)

In a nutshell, with some simple straight line stitch lines, cutting, rotating and stiching again, you can turn two 10 inch squares of fabric into a complex star in around 15 minutes. Fantastic I say! With the end in mind… here is the block I will share now. It’s called ‘Disappearing Hourglass’ which will make sense shortly. Continue reading